Locus of Control: How Successful People are Control Their Success

Locus of Control: How Successful People are Control Their Success

Have you ever heard someone blaming like this?


“Unlike my friend, I born in poor family so I will never be able to become wealthy…”

“I am not well connected with successful people so I will never become successful in the business”

“I lost my entire life saving because of this (Event) so I will never be able to get back and get rich or successful…”

“I am such and such wrong with me (It can be health issue) so I am not going to be successful…”


Yet, do you ever wonder why some people succeed IN SPITE OF the fact that they also have similar issues just like unsuccessful people?


This is because they have internal locus of control…


First, let me define the opposite of internal locus of control called external locus of control…


Those who have external locus of control tend to think that thing happens to them from external circumstances.  So typical response of those people when they heard your success story or other things are:


“You become successful because of your parents”

“They become successful because their parents can send him to great university.  My family did not have such luxury so that’why I am not really successful”

“They become successful because of luck.  If I have this luck, I also become successful…” 

“Unemployment rate is very high and it is now recession.  That’s the reason why I cannot get the great job”


I was laughing so hard inside of me every time I hear those excuses.  They say this because this is the perfect excuse to protect their ego and self-worth…


To be honest…


People with those mindset will NEVER become successful and they should not seek out success because they won’t find it…


On the other hands, people with success trait almost always possess internal locus of control.  They believe that outcome can be influenced or even changed by our own effort.  They have total control of their own actions and results.  Every successful person that I have ever met has this trait; this is also called accepting the 100% responsibility of what’s happen to him or her.


Here is interesting phenomenon that I always see during my wealth building journey.


When I attended the seminar with over 1000 students, we certainly listened and observed same contents from the same instructor.  However, only select few from those seminar actually take learned knowledge to massive success, while most of the people’s life did not change at all…


As I always feel very interested when I spoke to both side of the people after few months.  When I spoke to those who did not do well (majority), they always say something like this:


“We have kids so we cannot really focus on this business / investment”

“Those successful people have more time than us.  I have full time job and don’t have a time to do this unlike those who become very successful”

“Well… their market is much better than me…  Of course, they will become successful and I won’t…”

“I am too young.  Look at them.  They are all good and proper age so that’s why I am not successful”


Do you think that people who achieve massive success also have similar problems and challenges like most of us?




Jim Rohn, the one of the most influential personal development philosopher of our time, said


“The same wind blows on us all. The economic wind, the social wind, the political wind. The same wind blows on everybody. The difference in where you arrive in one year, three years, five years, the difference in arrival is not the blowing of the wind but the set of the sail.”


All those excuses that we all have are the wind.  Wind blows to everybody.  But, what separate successful people with internal locus of control and unsuccessful people with external locus of control is the actions that they take after wind blow to them.   They control their set of the sail to go exactly where they want to go.  Whereas, the unsuccessful blame the wind and do nothing.


It does not really matter what happened since what happened will happen to all of us.  Key question for everybody to ask is what to do about it…




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