Mandatory Step to Success

Mandatory Step to Success

During my wealth building journey, I have seen so many people who wanted to start the real estate investing or business because of passive income.  Yet, almost 95% of people would never take action and quit in the end.  This ratio seems to apply to all other wealth building endeavors including building business and other investing.  One of the biggest factors that stopped them from taking actions:


Fear of what other people think of them…


In my experiences, most beginner real estate investors want to invest in real estate because they think they can magically become wealthy without going through uncomfortable situation (Like negotiating and door knocking to the stranger’s house) by investing in rental properties.  In reality, this is not really the case.  Most people who wants to start real estate don’t have much capital.  Therefore, they need to physically take action themselves.  In other words, they talk and handle the objections from potential sellers and even get rejected thousands of times before getting the winning deal…  When facing situations like this, what most people do?


They quit.


They think it is so hard to contact to the seller or they don’t know what to do…


I have seen so many people come and go because of this single reason…


Don’t get me wrong.  This is happening not only real estate investing but also any other wealth building endeavor…


If some of you think that they don’t have to deal with this fear, I will tell you up front…


You will need to overcome fear of what other people think if you want to become successful in any wealth building vehicles they try to choose…


As long as people avoid this instead of embracing this, success is almost slim to none…  In other words,


Overcoming this fear is pretty much mandatory thing if you want to become successful.


Then, many might ask “How do you reduce this fear?”


Many people think that successful people is fearless.  It is actually not…


Successful people also have fear just like all of us.  However, what’s separate from successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people will face the fear and take action anyway.  On the other hands, fear will stop unsuccessful people from taking action.


I have also seen so many people who have not really achieve any success IN SPITE OF listening, reading and even participating in personal development.  Yes, personal development is essential step to grow themselves and cultivating winning mindset.  However, it is useless without taking any actions.  As Jim Rohn, one of the greatest philosophers and personal development giants in all times, said


“Affirmation without discipline (of taking actions) is the beginning of delusion”


Many people want to believe cultivating winning mindset by studying personal development might soften the fear (I was one of them beliving that) but in actuality


It won’t…


Personal development itself won’t let you overcome fear of what other people think.  Only way to overcome this fear is to take actions often enough so that we will numb ourselves from this fear…


Overcoming fear of what other people think boost my bottom line in big way.  For those who want to get ahead in life, why don’t you try it, I bet you will be surprised how much progress you can achieve.

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