In my home business, we have two classes; product class and business class. For those who want to do the business, they usually go to business class and others go to product class if they are happy being the customer. Many newbies want to learn about skills (Business skills) but not mindset. They sometimes even question why they have to learn about mental toughness. Yesterday, I taught mental toughness class where most highly educated went to product class because they think it is not important for creating success.


While newbies in business think product knowledge and skill is most important, successful entrepreneurs all understand that mental portion is 99% of the battle in entrepreneurship and only 1% is skill. Having strong mental toughness is one of the absolute crucial aspect if you want to create the success in any business ventures. Here is why.


If you don’t have strong mindset / mental toughness, you will never keep going…


When it comes to battle of entrepreneurship, our business is always up and down. We will receive so many rejections. Yes, we will learn step by step how to do the business (Prospecting, recruiting, team building etc). However, it is no way that you will follow the steps necessary to create the success if you are not mentally tough.


For most newbies, at first, they are so excited starting their own business. They learn the skills (prospecting, approaching, inviting and of course product knowledge) from their trainer or mentor. In the beginning, they contact many people including their friends and families. However, their excitement started to be worn out as they get so much rejections and negativity. Eventually, they started to feel daunting to even follow up with those people. They started to feel doubt themselves. Eventually…


They don’t even show up to the meeting…


I have seen thousands of those people who think skill and product is important never truly learned about mental toughness and disappeared from the battle of home business…


Do you know why those newbies can easily disappear? This is because lack of mental toughness. Mental toughness will be built when they face challenge in their business and they successfully went through those obstacles. When they face challenges in business, those experiences will be the backbone to support their mental state when they do face new challenges.


If you have enough backbone (overcoming numerous challenges in life and business), then you will keep going no matter what happen to you because you already did overcome similar challenges in the past. On the other hands, if you don’t have enough backbone (Not mentally tough), then the process (step by step process) is too daunting to follow because it is too painful for them.


My suggestion for those who want to build successful business is always cultivating mindset and become mentally tough. I usually say to both my team members and even to my prospects that you can do very well in any businesses if you master the mental toughness / mindset aspect.



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