Million Dollar Advise From Multi-Millionaires

Million Dollar Advise From Multi-Millionaires

Although this was the time when I went to business convention back in few years ago, this advise from multi-millionaires served me for years and I think this advise will be applicable for many of the readers.



In that convention, I remembered that I learned many business skills and know-how through that session.  However, what I got the most out from this convention was to learn how successful entrepreneurs think.  Particularly, almost every single speaker in that convention said “You must pay the price in order to become successful” and this sentence struck and fully resonate to me.



When it comes to success in any endeavor whether or not this can be business or investing, those speakers fully understand that they need to pay the price before they become successful.  What does this mean by that?


Well…  Most people excited to join the business with expectations that they will get great result very quick.  Then, they work hard for couple of months. They start to compare result and actual amount of work they have put in over those period and most of them conclude that business does not work because their result is very small compared to their hard work they put in.  But, what they don’t understand is that long term ramification of this process gives you.


In the beginning of 12 – 36 months (Although this is totally depending on individual experiences), it seems that nothing is happening.  You doubt yourself if you can make it.  In spite of your fear and anxiety, you keep working hard and hard.  Then, you start to see the small result and boom! Your result compounds faster than you have ever seen.



Moral story is this.  It will take time to grow your seeds on the ground.  Stem may not be seen at that stage but your success root is surely growing under the ground during these months you have put the effort.  It may be 1 year, 2 years or even 5 years but stem will always start to appear and exciting part is: Once you start to see the small stem from your soil (Result), believe me, it is very exciting and you start to believe you can actually do it.  And rest is history.


You may claim that some individuals become successful within few months despite the fact that you are still struggling even if you put your effort much longer than him.  Or, you have heard the word “Overnight Success”.


There is no such thing as overnight success.  Only reason some people become successful faster than the others is simply because they already paid their price in elsewhere before.   They already went through the process described above way before they join or start doing the business.  There is no way around this.  Everyone is going through this process if you truly want to be successful in any endeavor.  If you are still not successful, then chances are:



You have not fully paid the price yet…



Every speaker on the stage already paid their price fully upfront in order to seize their massive success.  Again, it may take longer than the others depending on your experience level and how much you already paid the price.  But, if you work hard and long enough, result will always appear.  They are just like most of us.  They just kept going and going in spite of their self-doubt until they reached the tipping point (Massive Result).  Starting is always hard.  But, once your success wheel starts to turn with momentum, it is going to be easier and easier.



Here is what I want you to know based on what those millionaires’ and my experience…



Never ever give up on your goal and dream.

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