Mindset: Focus on the Activities Not the Results

Mindset: Focus on the Activities Not the Results

At first, Happy Father’s Day for all dads in the world!

Yesterday, CEO came down from Northern California for the financial seminar.  I glad that every attendee had great value and knowledge out of his seminar.

After the seminar, few of my partners and I had a opportunity to sit down with CEO and his wife for mastermind.

We discussed how to build the business to the next level and I would like to share one take away from the teaching from CEO and his wife.

They said “Focus on the activities, not results”.

I totally agree with that statement.  In business, there is always up and down.  We need to be mentally strong enough to focus on activities WHETHER OR NOT we have result.  Up time, everyone is happy and excited to focus on activities during up time because there is enough momentum for you to keep going.

However, down time is the time when people stop doing activities because they start to focus on lack of results; once they focus on lack of it, everything goes to downward spiral…

We just need to know that results are coming from activities.  Activities are created because of our habit.  If we want to change result, we need to change activities (or increase) that created those results.  Focusing on changing habit is essential in order to change our activities.

Do you want to change your result?  At first, we need to focus on changing habit and focus on activities.  This will surely change the outcome.



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