Mindset: Rethink the Word “Closing”

Mindset: Rethink the Word “Closing”

Many people have negative connotation toward the word “Closing”.  When it comes to the sales, most people think closing is something pushy, salesy or even force some people into the sales.  If you are in the sales or business (Especially, people who is new to the business), we need to rethink the word “closing”.  I will about to mention that most people will be blown away…  Here it is…


Closing is actually helping people.  If we are not closing people (With whatever the program or things that you promote), we are not helping people at all…  Why?  In this time, I will use my business as an example.


My business is financial education business.  We have platform that teaches people how money works.  At the same time, we also provide the financial solutions after they understand all the financial concept.  So we have unlimited financial education membership (With one time fee) so that they can come to learn all aspect of financial / investment knowledge.


We sometimes host the introductory seminar for the people to familiarize why learning financial education is very important.  Some people just come to this free 2 hour introductory class and leave our office without joining as a member.


Of course, they say “Thank you so much” or “I learned a lot”.  However, I consider this as we are not helping them.  Why?


Most cases, people won’t change their life by listening friend’s financial advise, or listening free 2 hour seminar like ours.  By the time, they left the building, they already forget 50% of the thing that they learned in the session.  And, they will forget everything by the time they go home as life will get their way.  We may be able to teach some knowledge. However, in order for them to improve their financial future (In our example), they need to have

  • Enough knowledge so that they can make their own financial decision
  • Discipline
  • Good saving habit


All of those will take a time to build.  Therefore, 2 hour free seminar won’t help.  Best way to help (in our business) is to bring people into the environment (financial education class) with like minded people who also want to improve their financial future.  So that, they will start to improve all of those.  By understanding enough financial knowledge, cultivate saving discipline and habit, they will start to take different actions (more saving and less spending).  Therefore, they will get different result.  This is the reason why we need to close the people to get the membership not just letting them come and listen to 2 hour free seminar.


Just like my business, it applies to any business / sales.  Are you in

  • Weight Loss
  • Health and wellness
  • education
  • promoting other business opportunity that potentially change people’s life


In any of business, people won’t change their life by listening to your presentation. they need to get into your program so that they will start to change their life.  As a business owner / sales, we always need to remember this word:


Closing is helping…



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