This post is actually 200 posts since I started this blog! For those who religiously read my blog, thank you so much. I will continually keep sharing my thought and what I learned in this blog.


Today, I just saw the quote that I posted two years ago. It says…


You can tell the size of person by the size of the problems it takes to get them down


If you see this quote in the first time (Especially if you are new to personal development), you might feel confused but this quote is indeed telling the truth and it is important thing to always remind ourselves about this. Here is why.


In entrepreneurship or achieving financial independence in general, successful people all know that we need to go through what the most people are unwilling to do as Jim Rohn, the best philosopher and personal development coach said “we need to walk away from 95% of people if we want to create success that most people won’t get”. If you are in the business, you already know what I am talking about like:


  • Your business is always up and down
  • You are facing lots of obstacles and disappointments
  • You have team issue
  • Half of your team quit
  • Main business partners quit
  • Your families are totally against your business and demand you to quit
  • Your business goes nowhere, while everyone else is doing very well and think “Why this is only happen to me?”
  • You struggle doing the business, while your friends are having fun in the party
  • You lost lots of money because of bad investment choices
  • Your tenant totally vandalizes your rental property and cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix
  • You feel outrageous / constant financial pressure as a result of investing into the business


I have seen many could not handle those so called “Problems” at first excited to start their new ventures, then frustrated & disappointed, then eventually quit and go back to the previous life style. I literary saw thousands and thousands of those people…


In order to create massive success, we need to become bigger than our problems and this is nothing to do with skill set or so called “HOW-TO”…


Newbies (With no business experiences) always focus on how to do thing. However, without having strong mindset, nothing will ever matter because there is 100% probability that they will face many obstacles and they won’t be able to handle them.


Year 2018 just started. And, if you are the person who has new year resolution to start creating financial independence for your families, your loved one and most importantly yourself, I highly recommend to focus on building yourself and keep constantly asking yourself, am I bigger than my problems?


Happy new year everyone and let’s make this year 2018 productive and successful year!



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