In yesterday’s meeting, I heard interesting conversation between associate (newbie so I call NA) and the other associate (experienced so I call EA) about following up prospect. Here is how the conversation went.


EA: I always follow up my prospect. Sometimes, I even stop by their office to chitchat with them

NA: But, they may be busy (assuming not good for visiting)…

Me (to the NA): That’s what you think…


This thought is very typical.  Other than this, have you ever thought or felt the following when you are about to approach your prospects?


  • I should not call him because I think he is very busy
  • I should not talk to her about the opportunity because I don’t think she is interested
  • I should not bother my friend to join my business because they have newborn and must be very busy taking care of him
  • I should not talk about the product because they are already very wealthy so I don’t think they need it
  • I should not approach this person because I think he does not like home business


Assumption is very powerful. If your mind think this way, it’s going to be your reality. You will attract and eventually receive exactly what you feel inside of you. In more practical way, if you feel this way and talk to the prospect, they will receive your feeling that you are not really confident or convinced about your products, services or (and) opportunities. This is the reason why people who think above have hard time getting the results that they want.


So, your first step is to change the way you describe your word in your mind. Instead, think


  • Our solution will definitely help my prospect. So they want to meet me.
  • Only I can help them to achieve financial independence so they need my solution.
  • My friend needs to listen to this because this potentially can help her so much


Some may think “How can I change the word in my mind almost exactly opposite?“. These activities will help you cultivating this mindset.


  • Go to company event (See more crusade stories)
  • Take actions (Get more real life experiences of how people will be helped)
  • Attend weekly training / meeting (if your company has)
  • Attend all online webinars
  • Read personal development books


By changing your word in your mind, you will receive totally different experiences. Result will start to change dramatically. Moreover, you will attract better quality people because people around you will FEEL it.



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