Mindset = Universal Traits for Success

Mindset = Universal Traits for Success

I have been in wealth building journey for over 7 years now.  Our journey so far is amazing and I have deep gratitude of association that I have met along the way…


As some people know, I’ve involved in so many wealth building opportunities over the years.  This is partly because I was naive and I have cringed and hoped the fact that each wealth building tools so called “Vehicles” will take me to the promise land…


So that’s the reason why I hopped onto real estate first and then moved to another one and another one without creating much success.


Back then, I was thinking…


Why I am not really successful regardless of the fact that I tried so many different opportunities?  I tried real estate, stock investing, some businesses and even internet marketing.  Why it seems that every time I do something and try it, nothing happens to my favor?


To be honest, for the first 4 years out of 7 years of this journey, although I pretended to some that I am better off (Sometimes when I talk to other investors), in deep inside of my heart, I felt that my success did not go anywhere…


Then, I started involved in my current business.  For the first time, I learned vast majority of the training time learning about mindset rather than technical know-how.


I started to be doubt myself that this business is also one of the motivational thingy.


After a while, I started to have some success in overall of my business even if I did not really learn so called “How to”.


Then, I started to realize this fact,


The more I work on myself internally, somehow the more I also started to attract the success that I want.


Then, I felt more confidence of what I do and I really started to act like the person that would do the business.  I become more focus on the business as well as myself.


At the same time, I started to attract better and like-minded individual into my world…


I started to realize what my mentor wanted me to learn…


Then, defining moment came in…


This is the time when I went to real estate meeting in Pasadena back in few month ago.  On that meeting, Bruce Norris; one of the most successful California real estate investors, was a speaker.  Topic was market timing for California real estate market.  I thought I learned a lot about data and the evidences about the real estate market.  And, he partly did.


What I was blown away is that he only talked about technical knowledge like 20 – 30% of the entire meeting and majority of the discussion was about his mindset.  Here is partially what he shared:


  • Experience can be crushed by the massive effort
  • Do what no one else was willing to do
  • Repetition is the mother of skill
  • Someone saying NO is not permanent or lethal
  • Realize that you are creating a brand from day one


Now, what my mentor kept telling me started to make sense and I realized painful truth…


I have been looking for SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF MYSELF for success…


This is the moment that I truly realize that this is not about “How”.  This is not even about “Vehicle” (So called opportunities).  All those vehicles and “How to” will take me where I want to go.  But, if I am not working on myself to become best version of me, it will extremely hard to take advantage of those “How” and “Vehicle” to get to where I want to go just like I learned in Utah that we need to be best pilot in order to use jet airplane…


Let’s work on ourselves first rather than looking at other people’s opportunity or other opportunity. Unless we improve ourselves to become better every day, No “How” or “Opportunities” will help us.


Lastly, I would like to share this quote by the name Jim Rohn,


If you will change, everything will change for you.  Don’t change outside, you need to change from inside

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