Now, I am listening “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone. This audio is another great one that all of entrepreneurs should listen. I am in the middle of the audio but I have learned tons…


In 5th chapter, Grant discusses about what is the most important sales for your success in sales. I got curious of this chapter. Can you guess what is the most important sales? That is…


Sales that you make to yourself…


He asked in the audio, “Do you really sold out to your product / services / company?“.


Then he elaborates you need to become so sold, so convinced, so committed to your company, product and service that you believe it would be a terrible thing for the buyer to do business anywhere else with any other product.


It’s very true not only in sales but also in recruiting…  When you are promoting your opportunity, do you really believe your opportunity and company?


Here is what I hear a lot from people:


  • My prospect said what’s the company name?
  • My prospect said I am not interested
  • My prospect wants to think about it
  • My prospect wants to compare
  • My prospect said very busy


If you get these objections often, then ask yourself if you really believe in your opportunity / company / product.


If people truly believe what they have, their posture, voice and action will become totally different. Once prospects feel your strong conviction with total confidence, believe me, they won’t ask you much questions.


On the other hands, as soon as prospects feel that you don’t have much conviction in your voice and posture when you are talking to them, you will be shut down so hard core by them asking many questions…


All successful people that I observed for decade have total conviction of what they do (Including company, product / services and opportunity). Grant Cardone said “Only when you are totally sold out to your products / services / company, you will create success”.



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