My Favorite Networking App You Can Use To Increase Your Prospecting Results

My Favorite Networking App You Can Use To Increase Your Prospecting Results

Do you want to know my favorite networking app that created great results in prospecting?  I recently (Less than 6 months) started to use the app called “Shapr”.  In this blog, I would like to share “Shapr” app and how I personally use for increasing results in prospecting.


For the people who don’t know what is “Shapr”, Shapr is the app that allows you to expand your network via online.  This is like “” for business networking use.  Shapr gives daily networking experiences by introducing 10 – 15 relevant matches based on your profile.


Cool feature of this app is


  • You can meet and network with people with relevant profile.  There is no random match since both sides mutually choose if they want to meet that person.
  • You can choose your profile very detail.  You can choose your interest, your field and your favorite way to meet and so does others.  This will make sure that you will meet qualified prospects.
  • This app will show different match depending on where you are.  So if you frequently go different cities for business.  You can also get match not only from your original city but also from the cities that you frequently travel to.
  • Best thing, it’s free!!


Anyway, going back to prospecting.  I personally use this app and prospected so many people and recruited quite many people using this app.  What I usually do is to match with whoever the person that I am interested in meeting and once matched online, I always take them to offline meeting by asking them for coffee to meet in person.


I found this app very useful for prospecting and I highly recommend you to download this app if you are in any businesses (Or even interested in starting business too).  You can put this app in your tool box.



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