I wish all of you are having great thanksgiving holiday with your families and friends…  Today’s blog is not usual blog. I would like to share my thought about Black Friday.


Yesterday, my families went out for dinner for celebration of thanksgiving. Although there were not so many people in the street, as usual, I saw many people are waiting in line in front of big stores, such as Walmart, Target and Bestbuy. As people in US know, most stores will close for Thanksgiving and reopen early in the morning for Black Friday huge discount. Therefore, those folks had waited in line for the next morning (Some made camp in front of the store so that they can COMFORTABLY wait there)…


Although I have nothing against Black Friday Sales, I always wonder how some people try to wait in line for possibly more than 12 hours just to get few hundred dollars discount,  possibly fighting with the crowd of people (Literary… I see the situation where they are fighting to get the thing that they want at the store).


I have never seen wealthy / successful people wait for the Black Friday Sales just to get the discount…


This does not only apply for Black Friday but also every aspect of our lives. Average people are using their time to save money. Whereas, wealthy / successful people are spending money to save their time as they understand that time is much more valuable than money. We can earn more money but we can never get back our time.


Successful people constantly think how can we leverage our time to get more in life. Whereas, average people try to save few bucks by spending their precious time….


Do you want to be truly wealthy and successful? Start thinking like millionaire. Millionaire thinks time is much more valuable than money…


Have a great rest of the Thanksgiving weekend with your families!


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