My thought of the Day: Embrace “Until” and “Despite”

My thought of the Day: Embrace “Until” and “Despite”

Since I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” in 2007, whole journey of attaining financial freedom started.  Now is year of 2017, I almost cannot believe that I have been in wealth building journey for almost a decade…


During these 10 years just like yesterday, I involved in many things including real estate, traditional business, internet marketing and more…  During those time, I saw many come and go (I have seen at least thousands of those people…).


However, out of those thousands that did not quite make it to the journey to financial independence, I also observed very successful one along the way.


Regardless of industry they are in, I noticed that successful one shared in common…


One of the people that I respect, Ray Higdon and all of successful one that I observed embraced these two words: “Until” and “Despite”


Many probably puzzled “What you mean?”


Let me explain…


Achieving success is not one straight line to the goal.  Achieving success is zigzag.  Sometimes, we need to go around the detour in order to get to the destination. Some reading this already understand what I mean.  In order to achieve success, we may (Definitely, it is almost requirements to success) face obstacles and challenges that we all have to overcome.  Successful people that I associated with along the way all understand this and they will keep going and zigzag “Until” they get to their destination.


On the other hands, thousands that I observed quitting think that they are so disappointed when they need to detour and zigzag many times.  Then, they eventually turn back to home thinking that success is not for them…


As Earl Nightinegale said


Success is PROGRESSIVE realization of worthy ideal“,


Success is not one time event but process…


Successful people know that it is actually great to zigzag and go through the detour because those tough times will make them stronger and create better version of themselves as success can be achieved when we become the best version of ourselves…


Successful people that I observed also embrace the word “Despite”.


Let me explain to you what I mean…


When people facing challenges and almost quit, most always make excuse as to why they cannot do this like


  • “I have kids and I want to spend the time with kids when they are young”
  • “I have job that requires many hours so that’s why I cannot do it”
  • “I have unsupportive spouse”
  • “My health is not that good so that’s why I cannot do it”
  • “My upbringing is not really impressive so that’s why I am not successful”
  • “My parents did not teach me…”
  • Many more


Literary, I have seen over thousands of people in many different industries quit because of those excuses…


Somehow, most people think that successful people don’t have those challenges above…


Fact of the matter is:


Successful people have same kind of obstacles and challenges when they going through the process.  Difference is:


They embrace the word “Despite”.  Despite their current situation or handicap, they do it anyway because of their why and vision.


I have seen few out of thousands became so successful and every single one has these qualities…


Those who read this article may be contemplating if you should keep going or stop whatever you are trying to do.  Let me tell you this…


Whether your goal is to achieve financial independence, create success, become a hero to your family or (And) help family retire,


Quitting will never get you to that outcome…


You will feel much better and get you motivate to take action more once you embrace those two words that I shared…

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