True Cost Of Missed Opportunity

True Cost Of Missed Opportunity

Have you ever heard from one of your leaders story about cost of missed opportunity, something like “This person did not join me back then. However, I kept going and found out that he joined after 20 years when I already financially set. If he joined with me, he would have same life style as I have now“?  Is this very typical story in home business? I heard these kind of stories many times and I wondered myself if this would ever happen?  Today, I encountered the exact situation. This is how she reacted after I told her story about my mentor. Here is how story went.


Today, I was at local chamber of commerce event as one of my good friends hosted marketing 101 seminar for business owner.  I started to talk to the lady next to me. It happened to the same industry as I am in.


Apparently, she just started out from her current business. she shared how she used to study in very prestigious university as well as she had great career as scientist working for one of the most prestigious science laboratory. As I asked couple more questions, I found out that she is my mentor’s ex-coworker. She was surprised that I learned the business skills from him. Then, she started to share the story. She said,


Your mentor suddenly left from the laboratory and started to do your business. He asked me to join his business but all of us did not have courage to join him because we were all at very good career and did not understand why he did start the business where we already had very good career


I shared how he is now very successful in business and created total financial freedom. She did not say anything after that. However, I could feel from her facial expression that she should have listened to what my mentor asked when he started his business…


Moral of story is this. True cost of missed of opportunity is extremely huge. 20 years ago, both of them were in the same place; probably making same kind of money. However, one grab the opportunity and run with it. As a result, he had total financial freedom for himself and his families to generation to come. While, other lady did not have much things to show for it and ironically, she started the very same career that she refused to do back in 20 years ago…


I would like to share what Richard Branson said,


If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later


We have only limited time living in this planet and it is too huge to ignore the good opportunity. When someone offers you an opportunity, this split second decision will either benefit you or cost you in entire life time. Today is the time when I decided myself that I won’t miss anything.  I hope you learned something from the lady’s experience.



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