Do you know what is one sure way not to succeed in your home business? I know it is weird title. However, many people aspired to start home business fall into this trap (or even some people in the business before but gave up like I above to share). In this blog, I will share how to not make any money in home business so that we can all learn from this. Whole thing happened during yesterday’s appointment.


Yesterday, I was at appointment with my associate. We were interviewing one potential business partner. She has decent job. She’s seeking financial freedom so she is always looking for the opportunity. Also, she had done network marketing business for about 5 – 6 years but she quit the business because it did not work out for her.  During interview, she said, “if this is network marketing, then I would be little bit hesitate because I had bad experiences in MLM.


I got interested in her response and I wanted to find out why she stopped doing her endeavor as I already heard from her that she was in networking marketing business for quite a long time before. During this conversation, it is no wonder that she probably never create success in any of her endeavor. Don’t get me wrong. This is not talking about her. I have seen thousands of people aspiring financial freedom via different medium (Like real estate, network marketing or any other businesses) and all of them have this trait that almost guaranteed to fail.


As I do some presentations and asked questions, her response was something like this,


I heard this kind of presentation before. It is not about money but more like who you become. I don’t really believe in this kind of thing. In fact, when I go to the company event, they all talked about this kind of staff and I noticed that there is the other me inside that totally turned off by this kind of motivation. I think it is all about skills.


Again, this is not only her. Thousands are thinking this way. Especially, those newbies in business or investing think that it is all about skills. Actually, I was thinking the same way when I was starting out real estate investing decade ago. I was thinking like it is just buy house at low price and rent it out and collect the rent. How easy is that in spite of the fact that all the trainers and senior investors always mentioned me it is all about mindset. As I started to do actual investing, their saying started to make sense to me. Here is what I notice.


Yes, there is step by step way of how to do the business. However, without solid mindset, it is no way that we will keep going and execute all the steps necessary to create success…  Also, you will attract who you are. During the interview, she mentioned that she tried to build the team but team did not sustain because of … excuses (Because they are stay home mom, because they are so far away, they are not really committed etc etc).


Moral of the story is that you will manifest who you are deep in the core. Unless you are cultivating best inner self, then you can fully expect that you will manifest undesirable results in any endeavors.



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