One Of The Biggest Pitfalls Most People Fall Into

One Of The Biggest Pitfalls Most People Fall Into

Well… This is out of my own experiences and this is very true…  One of the biggest pitfalls most people (Whether they want to invest in real estate or want to start their own business) is…


They did not take actions consistent enough and long enough to reap the big payoff… 


I have seen thousands of wanna-be investors and entrepreneurs come and go. And, this is by far the biggest reason why most people quit in the middle…


In my experiences, most people were very excited to start their new endeavor to achieve financial independence (Regardless of any vehicles). However, as time goes by, most started to be less and less excited because they don’t really see the big payoff. Then,


They started to think… “I supposed to do this but does it really lead to the goals? It seems so far away that it does not really matter whether doing this will lead to the success that I initially intended.


Therefore, most starts to skip some of the routine that potentially leads to big payoff. Once this cycle kicks in…


That’s end of their journey…  They even don’t see the results even more and eventually stop the activities all together.


This is primary pattern that almost all quitters that I met take…


So, what should we do?


Believe me, I can attest from my own experiences that consistently taking actions will lead to big payoff.


When I started out as wanna-be real estate investor back in 2009, my wife and I literary did not know anything about investing. We started to attend local real estate investing meetings. However, due to no knowledge, we did not understand ANY of what speakers and attendees were saying as if we were listening foreign language.


At the end of first meeting, we were so depressed that we did not want to go back to next month meeting by thinking “it does not really matter… how one meeting can change us?”. But do you know what we did?


We went back again…


In fact, we kept attending as many meetings as we could possibly attend…


After a year or two, we both not only could understand almost all of the jargon of real estate investing words, but also invest in real estate as well as other investments with seasoned investors.


From this experiences, I realized…


No matter how insignificant you feel, some actions are infinitely better than no action at all. No matter how small / seemingly little or no effect you might feel your actions, these small actions will lead to the big payoff at the end.


Do you want to create big payoff? Keep taking actions even if you might feel this has no effect on your progress. Believe me, those actions will…



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