We had full timer meeting during Christmas Day, 12/25 this year. Although most are enjoying their holiday weekend with loved one, many committed partners and associates came to our office to create the strategies for 2018 for their business success. Even CEO and my mentor also came to our office because he impressed with our dedication to operate the business even during Christmas holiday.


During the meeting, CEO asked everybody in the meeting and this is something that I totally resonate. He said,


Many people come into our company to start the business. They are in the business. However, is business in them? That’s another question.


Some people in the meeting confused what he said. However, I know exactly what he is talking about…


Most people start their own business. However, business is not in them. Here is what I mean.


Have you ever heard these excuses from the very people that they want to create success in business?


  • I cannot come to the meeting because of holiday with family
  • I cannot come to the training because I have job
  • I cannot meet you for appointment because I need to go to the party
  • etc


They are in the business but business is not in them… If business is in them, they will do whatever it takes to do anything to create their business success like nurturing their own kids.


I see many parents do whatever it takes to make sure that their kids get everything they need to prepare for their future, letting them go to the best school, learn extracurricular activities, always attend their kids’ activities. My wife’s friend is even willing to sell their own house to let kids to go to the best school that they choose by saying that our life is prepared because of this moment…


In other words, they will go through the brick wall for their children…


Successful people are treating their business that way. They will do whatever it takes to nurture their business and take it to the top. However, when it comes to home business, most people won’t take care of the business like they treat their own kids…


Do you want to create business success? It is simple. Ask yourself, is business in you? Treat your business as your own business not hobby. Until you treat your business like treating their own baby, you won’t create the financial freedom period…



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