One Simple Question You Can Ask To Dramatically Improve Your Home Business

One Simple Question You Can Ask To Dramatically Improve Your Home Business

Are you having hard time retaining your team, bringing the sales or expanding your home business?  Asking this simple mindset question can be one of the most important factors for you to bring serious result in your business.


Let me ask question.  Are you operating your business like million dollar business?  Or Are you operating your business like your hobby?  In home business, there are a lot of instances where people approach like hobby including,


  • Hyping how easy it is to make million dollars in the business in such a short period of time
  • Begging, chasing and bugging friends and families
  • Using guilt tactics when they get rejected from prospects (Especially friends / families)
  • etc


Unfortunately, those are the tactics done by many people…  They don’t have confident to tell them what it is and this is coming from how serious they are treating their business.


Not only for prospect / recruiting, but also to your team building, are you

  • do it first leader?
  • do the thing that you wish your team is doing?
  • attending all the meeting / events?


How would you show up if you are the CEO of billion dollar enterprise?   For example, if you are the CEO and you are making decision of which candidate you will pick out of thousands, are you going to hype your company or are you going to qualify the candidates to pick the most qualified candidate?


If you are the CEO with few thousand associates, are you going to act like serious CEO and showing up as a leader? Or act like employee and treat business like hobby?


Even if some people just start out, it is actual business and you are CEO regardless of the size of business.  Therefore, we should treat your business like real business from the get-go.


If you treat your business lightly like your hobby, this is sure fire way to repel your prospects as well as committed team members because they don’t feel that you treat business like real business.


Whenever you do in business, always ask yourself,


Would successful entrepreneur like Richard Bronson, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg do what I am about to do?


If not, as we all seek to become successful entrepreneur, we should not do the thing that they would not do…



I believe that your results will improve exponentially if you just follow this and do not make this mistake.  I hope you got great value out of this blog post. If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


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