One Simple Sentence For Closing More Prospects (And Bonus)

One Simple Sentence For Closing More Prospects (And Bonus)

Do you want to learn one simple sentence that you can use to close more prospects to join your team?  Are you the one that you don’t know what to say when you want to close? This blog might help you…


When it comes to closing, what most people do is that they keep talking to their prospects. This is simply because they think that prospects might make decision by them explaining more things. This is just not the case. In fact, they are actually making prospects out of the sale by talking too much.


Here is what I learned from the sales expert, Tom Hopkins.


“We have two ears and one mouth, using them proportionately…”


In closing, we really cannot talk too much. Rather, you ask questions about what prospect like what they saw.  After asking couple of questions, if you get all the positive responses from your prospect, you will say this one sentence looking your prospect eyes directly with low voice (not high pitch voice, this makes prospect think you are not sure. Low voice ensure prospect you are sure).  This is what I learned from Ray Higdon and Cedrick Harris. Are you ready for this?


“It sounds like to me you are ready to join…” 


After said this, what you do next is extremely important. Do you know what to do next?


Shut your mouth up…


No matter what happened or no matter how long silence last, you don’t talk to your prospect till they respond.  First person talking will lose.


Many will respond with “Yes, let’s do it!


You will be surprised how this simple sentence will help you close more prospects into your team.


What if they still say “I am not sure…” or “Wow, wait a minutes” 

Some may ask what if they are still not sure.  I will give you magic sentence when prospect responds with that.  Here is what you are going to say.


“Wow! I am sorry… When people said like what you said just now, they TYPICALLY join…”


After that, shut your mouth up again until your prospect’s response.  In many times, they will say..


Yes you are right, let’s do it!


Like this conversation, when it comes to closing, you will not talk too much to prospect, you will ask questions. You will get your ammunition by asking right / simple questions. This closing sentence helped me tremendously.



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