This is not the word created by me. I heard this word when I was attending Millionaire Mind Intensive by T. Harv Eker, who is the author of “The Secret of Millionaire Mind”. At the seminar, trainer (Not T. Harv Eker himself at that time already), said


“How you do one thing is how you do everything”


I also read the same sentence from the book “The Secret Of Millionaire Mind”.  Back in 2009 when I took the course, I did not understand what he meant by this until I try myself…


In the beginning of wealth building journey, I tried so many different investments and businesses (Real estate, internet marketing and other businesses you name it) believing that so called “Vehicle” would make difference. So, I tried one thing and I noticed that it did not work after couple of months. I switched to other thing thinking


This is hard… The other one over there seems easier. Let me try this…


I obviously failed the next one as well and again, I switched to other “Vehicle” believing that this would make the magic for me…


After 5 year passes, we still did not get to anywhere…


I was so frustrated. Why I could not find the perfect business / investment for me to reach to the promise land…  Then, I started to remember the word from this trainer / book..


How you do one thing is how you do everything


Along with other books and millionaire mentors’ suggestion, I finally noticed that this is not about “Vehicle” but it is about myself… Any vehicles work as long as I try to make it work.


Do you wonder why some people tend to continue to fail. Whereas others (very few) tend to continue to create success in anything that they get involved?


This is because successful people fully understand this is not about vehicle but themselves. I noticed this is not because vehicle does not work but I did not work hard enough to make vehicle runs. as well as anything worthwhile would equally require hard works / sacrifices / disappointments.  Once I realized that…


My situation has exploded into changes…


Later on, I heard from this sentence from Grant Cardone, he said


“Don’t be the guy who keeps looking in everyone else’s lawn to see how the grass is greener “over there.” That’s the same guy who never commits to taking care of the lawn he already has. He just winds up mediocre and miserable. What was he even doing looking at another lawn in the first place? He already has one that needs to be mowed and watered. Those other lawns are greener because someone committed to them.”


I was that guy that always looking in everyone else’s lawn (lol)…


It took me good 5 years to realize this simple fact… Don’t be like me. Remember


Anything works as long as you commit yourself to make it work…



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