Ownership Mentality: Make or Break Your Business

Ownership Mentality: Make or Break Your Business

Last Friday morning, I was at business networking event and I met one individual.  He is in fitness business.  I was impressed and I can tell that he will be successful based on one thing he said to me…


He said…


“I am in my fitness business for over 10 years and now I am in the project of making fitness apps with my partners.  I invested over $30,000 and 2 years into this project.  I may be successful or it can fail.  But, if project fails, that’s ok because this experience will build my character…”


From what he said, I can tell that he has solid ownership mentality not only in terms of dedication to his own business but also himself.  He treats his business as serious business.   This project may or may not create the success for him but I know that he will eventually create massive success because of this mindset…


On the other hands, I have seen thousands of wanna-be business owners / investors come and go due to lack of ownership mentality.  Those people constantly / eagerly seek the way that requires the least amount of effort or money in order to create success.  They say such things as:


  • “There is so many free contents and free classes from online resources.  Why I have to pay for them?”
  • “Education is supposed to be free.  So they should provide the contents free”
  • “Do I need to attend this seminar?  It is too far away (or too expensive) for me”
  • “I already put 2 – 3 months (it can be any length of time) of my effort but no results, it is not for me…”
  • “I thought … will be paid by you…”
  • “How long I have to do in order for me to create success in this?”
  • “If …, then I can bring a lot of business (Of course, they are not doing something about it from their own, asking somebody for preparing for it…)


When I heard this kind of comments, I am almost laugh because I can tell you this…


As long as they have thought like above, THEY WILL NEVER ACHIEVE SUCCESS…


Most people treat their business like HOBBY.  Most do their business WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT…  This is the number one reason why most people do not achieve success in their business or endeavor…


People with ownership mentality never depends on something outside of themselves for success.  Specifically,


  • They never make excuse about their shortcoming
  • They execute their plan or action EVEN IF THEY DON’T FEEL LIKE IT…
  • They understand that all things happen because of them not because of outside circumstances
  • They consider obstacles and challenges as learning process that make them better person instead of considering those as wound
  • They take total responsibilities of what happened to them (Even if thing seems to happen due to outside circumstances)


In my experiences, ALL of successful people that I respect (In any industries) have those qualities.  Because of who they are, they attract similar successful people.


Do you want to create success in business or whatever you do?  Having ownership mentality is absolutely crucial in order for us to become successful in business or achieve whatever we want to accomplish.

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