I just got awesome training from my mentor Ray Higdon. He was teaching how to best use your time to grow your home business. In the session, there is always question; how to allocate our time, personal production vs. working with team? During interview, he mentioned what is the biggest mistake that many uplines make when it comes to allocating their time.


Biggest mistake that many uplines make is to look for the needs not the hunger. What’s mean by that? This means the person who NEEDS the help does not necessarily WANTS to do something. I can totally relate to what he said. I have seen so many trainers (Who don’t have committed team members) frustrated because their team members do not have any urgency. Because many people don’t have teams that thriving, they tend to focus on the people that need EVEN IF this person does not really do much activities.


So what should we do?

Ray Higdon did not say that we should never focus on the team. If your team is thriving and needs your help, certainly give the support to them. He is taking more about spending the time with the person who does not do anything. He suggested that if you don’t have any teams that are making it happen and no momentum, you need to focus on at least 70% or more of your free time devoting to your personal activities (Recruiting, prospecting etc).



Worst thing that you can do is to stick to your existing team and keep training them hoping that they will move. If you are not making things happen personally and business is not thriving yet asking team members to do something, then your team members will feel your energy. And, certainly you don’t want to be in that situation.  On the other hands, if you keep taking action personally, some of your existing team members will be inspired by your action and potentially they will also start moving.



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