Many people ask me how to improve and as a result get result faster. I always share with those who ask this question.


One of the most important factors in regard to how fast you can grow is…


Who are you associating with?


I am sure that many hear this word often…


You will eventually become average of 5 closest people you most associate with…


This is very true but many still wonder how association affects your result in life…  I was certainly thinking like that before.


Yes this is big…


In this blog, I will describe why association is so important for your success as much detail as possibly can…


Here is two big reasons (at least for me…)

  1. Great association will stretch your vision of what’s possible
  2. Great association will stimulate your inner drive


Reason 1: Great association will stretch your vision of what’s possible

When we are in familiar environment, we will never be able to see what’s possible out there. This is just like flog inside of the well looking up to the sky. When I was working for the job, I thought going to work, complaining about my boss, company and company policy and going back home and watch TV and sleep. I thought this is only available for me…


As soon as I started to get into real estate investing (That’s where I started back in 2008), I totally blown away how small I was and what can be possible once we are out of usual environment. Before seeing what’s out there, I thought earning $100,000 / year was absolutely big deal. However, once I met individuals who are earning 10 times or even 100 times (this is yearly), my vision totally stretched and never be able to go back to the previous reality ever again…


Reason 2: Great association will stimulate your inner drive

When we are in usual environment, we start to be complacent. If you are in the top on the small crowd (That don’t do anything), you don’t feel the need of improvement and become numb. So, many start to think “I am doing okay so I just keep maintaining status quo.”


Over this weekend, I was at group business coaching session. Many attendees are doing much bigger and more successful than myself. I feel not only this can be possible for me but also feel hurt and excited inside of me at the same time thinking “Compare to them, I have so much room to improve myself. I will be like them!!”. This association / session stimulate my drive that allow my capacity to exceed where I am right now.


Do you want to create success faster? Surround with people who are better than you. In my 10 years of experiences in this wealth building journey, if I am asked what’s the biggest factor for creating success, this would be association.



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