Today, I just came back from the event called “Small Business Expo”. This was such a great event for entrepreneurs, start-up as well as the people who are thinking about starting their own business. There were probably thousands of people in the event. It’s not only just normal business networking event but they offer speed networking opportunities, business building workshops in any kinds (Email marketing, social media marketing, sales and even how to publish your own books etc). And the best of all, it’s free. So, I highly recommend people who aspired to start their own business or entrepreneurs check out this expo. For more detail, you can click here for more detail.


Enough said about promoting the event. Although business networking events, such as this or other similar events are excellent places for people to expand their network, I observed some are totally struggle (or even palatalize) with even initiate the conversation by saying that I don’t know how to talk to them. I totally understand. Here is the simple way for you to initiate the conversation without being weird.


Before talking about the tips, in any business networking events, we should know two things:


  1. They come to the business networking events to expand their network and business
  2. You will never see them ever again if they are not really friendly


So you can relax and assume that they want to talk to you. If you have this mindset, then conversation will be whole lot easier. Anyway, here is the tips.


Simple tip 1: Color coded Sticker

In almost any medium to big sized business networking events that I have ever attended, there are almost always color coded stickers in the event. Purpose for this is to identify who is in which industry. Let’s say professional service is purple, retail is blue, marketing service related is red etc so that we can talk to the attendees that we have in common. I use this to my advantage. When I want to talk to someone, I just simply go to them and ask “What is this color coded thing?” then they will be willing to answer what it is. Then, you will transition to introduce yourself. This is very good way to initiate the conversation without being weird. I use this all the time.


Simple tip 2: Ask for direction

This is another simple and easy way to initiate the conversation. In expo, you just ask any people of your choice “where I can go for registration?” or other places then quickly introduce yourself.


Simple tip 3: Business card showcase (For some events)

For some business networking event, there is place called business card showcase. There are lots of business cards for the sponsors or other business owners left on that table. Generally, there are lot of people trying to pick up business cards there. So, you can just go there pretending to look for some business cards and ask “There are lots of business cards. I am looking for … Is there any services similar to this?” Most people respond and let you know if they see it. Then you will quickly introduce yourself. It is yet another quick and easy way to initiate the conversation.


I don’t know how many contacts / business cards / phone number I have gotten by using those tactics during networking / expo related events. Believe me. If you do this correctly, you (and of course them) will never feel weird and make the next conversation very smooth. Only thing you need to do after is to create little more rapport with the person you talk to and get the phone number.



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