Have you ever felt that you don’t feel like to show up to the company training, meeting or company event? Although there are many possible reasons why people might not want to show up to those company specific training, here is what I notice.


When people (I mean those who at least had intention to build their own business) start not showing up to the business meeting, usually, here is the reason…


They are not doing well in the business and they feel like they want to quit…


There are many different excuses that those people might say to you, such as


  • I don’t need the motivation so I don’t have to attend the meeting
  • I am very busy with my family (or kids). So, I can’t come to the meeting (Very typical. I have heard thousands of those excuses)
  • My work is very busy so I cannot attend the meeting
  • My health is not well so I won’t be able to attend the meeting


As a leader, when you observe the people, who used to be very active in the business, start to say those excuses above and start not showing up to the meeting, then this is the major red flag. This is not because of what they are saying most of the time because they don’t feel like attending the meeting because they are not getting the results and they feel like they want to quit. No matter what they tell you as excuses, in my experiences, this is usually the reason.


Although it’s up to that person to make it happen in the business in many times, here is what we, as a leader, can do for them:


  • EPR (Encourage, Praise and Recognize)
    When your team member is down, you can always encourage him or her. If you want to reduce this incident, we all need to improve EPR skills. When team member is trying to make it happen but no result yet, encourage him or her and be there for them when they need help


  • Constantly remind them to come to the meeting
    My mentor said “When you don’t want to come to the meeting, that’s the time when you need to attend the meeting“. This is very true. People can get the inspiration from the people around them and environment and it’s likely fire them back again.


Again, if you, as a leader, start to hear people (Who were active) say above excuses and not show up to the meeting / training / event, you should treat the situation as major emergency; in my experiences, those are about to quit the business and we need to take care of the situation before it’s too late.



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