Have you ever encountered the objection from your prospect, “I would like to see your website” or “Can I see your company website?“? Again, this is another objection that make new people totally nervous and paralyzed (Some people started to get some sweat after hearing this because they are too nervous). In this blog, I would like to share how to respond with this “can I see website before meeting you” type objection.


First, if people give you this kind of objection, we need to think about why they are giving this objection. They ask this question not because they want to know more. Purpose of this objection is generally (not all the time) to rule out the decision. Meaning, prospects can quickly make a “NO” decision if they look at the website. They typically make this objection because either prospects


  • Are skeptical about your opportunity or
  • Don’t really trust you or
  • Are not really interested


Best thing that you can do is to eradicate this objection before coming up. Here is what you can do…


  • Understand the prospects’ hot button and deliver exactly what your opportunity can fulfill their needs
  • Talk and explain with confidence (And right tonality)
  • Establish the rapport and relationship with them prior to talking the main topic (Warm market definitely help)


If you do your job above well, it is pretty rare for prospect to ask this objection. But, if your prospect still asks this objection, then here is how I would ask prospect.


You can learn whole a lot more by listening to the presentation (or sit down one on one) than just simply checking the website. Let me ask you question,  are you really open to take a look or you are not really interested? If you open to it, great. If it’s not, not big deal


Just go straight to the point. There is no magic sentence that hypnotize people to change their mind. A lot of cases, this is trust issue or they are not open to the opportunity. If they are not open, then they will tell the truth something like “well… I am not really interested...”. In this case, what this question does for you is to save your time.



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