During one on one appointment or opportunity meeting, you followed up with excitement knowing that this person is the perfect person to do the business with you. This one sentence that your prospect said turn your excitement into total disappointment.  Have you ever gotten objection “I don’t have time… (or I am so busy)”?


This is very common objection that prospect says when we try to close the prospects. In this blog, I will share how to respond with this very common objection.


First, if you are prospecting busy people, congratulations! You are totally doing the right thing. In my experience, busy people (the person who has a lot going on) are almost always the one who take actions and get the results fastest. Worst person to prospect is the person who has all the free time. The person who has all the free time will continually watch TV and spare their free time because they have free time for reason. This is not about abundance of time. It is how to use our time…


If you are prospecting and following up with your busy prospect and this person says to you “Wow, I am so busy and I don’t have a time”. Here is several things that you can say to them.


  • Wow, sorry to hear that you are very busy and don’t have a time. This is the reason why you might want to consider doing the business that potentially creates residual income for you. It’s okay if we may be still young but without residual income, you will be busy and need to work forever.


  • I know exactly how you feel. I felt same way myself when my friend asks me to do this business with him. But, I found out that this business has very good support system and great training allowed me to start this within my limited amount of time.


You can even combine both sentences together to make your response more persuasive.  We need to understand that many busy people may make lots of money but most don’t have time because they are so busy with their business and therefore, looking for ways for them to get out of the situation. If you answer like this to the right people, your question make them realize about the need of residual income and they will be more opt to think about their option.



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