Have you ever heard from some prospects asking “If your company is good, how long does it take to create success?” This is another objection that many people are struggling to answer. In this blog, I would like to address how I would handle this question.


Here is the list of questions that very similar to the question above.


  • If I put … hours a week, how long does it take to make …?”
  • Presentation sounds good, how long does it take to make that kind of money?
  • How long does it take to get to the level that you are in now?


This kind of question is just like asking “If I open the Pizza restaurant, how long it would take to sell 3,000 pizzas per month?”.  If you were asked, what would you say? It depends.  It might be depending on…


  • Marketing / advertisement budget
  • Market around the restaurant area
  • How many employees
  • How good you are as owner
  • Etc,


Just like pizza restaurant example, success in home business is also depending on


  • Skillset
  • Mindset
  • Business experiences
  • Prospect’s market (Good market or so-so market)
  • Prospect’s desire level
  • Etc


So, worst thing you can answer is to hype about how much prospects can potentially make and say things like you can go up real fast because it is so easy etc. These kind of hype answers will drive all the high caliber people away.


Instead, here is what I would say to the most prospects that have this sort of question,


It depends. I don’t know you well enough. Some people who have a lot of experiences might create success faster, others might create be slow due to lack of life experiences. Skill set, mindset, past experiences and your desire level will all play on how fast you create success.


Key to answer this question is not to afraid to give honest answer. Any success in business will take work and all the high caliber individuals know that. If the person does not want to commit to do the business after hearing this kind of answer, then they might not be a right person to do the business with anyway.


On the other hands, if you say this to the right person, some of them will respond positively and will show interest of doing business with you.



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