Rethink the word “Faith”

Rethink the word “Faith”

I’ve been many success and personal development seminars over the years.  And, many of trainers said that we need to have faith in order to achieve success.


Although I kind of understand what’s mean by having faith, I did not completely understand what’s true mean of faith till very recently…  I was thinking more like just to believe and then become successful.  I was very shallow…


When I went to business mastermind retreat in Utah couple of weeks ago, millionaire entrepreneur shared about the word “Faith” and how important having “Faith” in order for us to be successful.


To be honest, every time I think about the word “Faith” it is more like religious faith.  I have never thought about this word in the context of other scenarios.


He started out…


Everyone has faith.  Let’s say, the fact that you wake up and hop onto your car and drive off to your work and coming back from work at the end of the day, you already have faith


When I heard this, I was puzzled…


Then he continued…


In essence, we won’t know what is going to happen on the way to the company or on the way back to your home.  Something might happen like natural disaster, accidents and some events that let us not reach to the destination.  But, when it comes to do this, we all do it anyway don’t we?  Even so, you just know that you will get to the company and you will come back to your home.  You so believe in this that you don’t even think about it.  That’s faith.


This hit me like a punch.  Wow, I have never thought about that.    He explained the word “Faith” in totally different angle…


Then, he said,


Everyone can do this because many people are doing the same things.  However, when it comes to success, there are not so many examples that people actually see.  That’s the reason why many people don’t have faith when it comes to wealth building.  But, there is a way to increase the faith when it comes to success.”


Finally, he said,


“That’s the reason why association is very important.  Ask yourself, who you are associating with?  Do you associate with successful people that always show and demonstrate the successful examples?  By associating with them, you see so many examples that you will feel like you should be able to do it too because all of them are doing it.”


When it comes to success and wealth building, so many people feel it is so difficult or even impossible to achieve.  This is simply because we do not associate with so many examples around us.  Millionaire entrepreneur; I had privilege to learn from, made me rethink the word “Faith” and taught me how we can cultivate and strengthen our faith by improving our association.   It was actually very simple.  We just associate with people that are more successful than us.  By seeing more successful examples, it is totally possible that we can all have strong faith in regard to success just like having a strong faith on driving to work and back to home.


Once our faith of becoming successful becomes very strong like drive to commute, world will be our oyster that point…

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