Have you ever felt that you don’t want to call someone because you are afraid of getting the answer “NO”? In human nature, people are actually addicted to get the approval from others just like Steve Siebold, the author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class.  Naturally, people don’t like to get rejection. However, what if hearing word “NO” is exact pass to lead to the success, would you be willing to do it?


Book “Go For No!” by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton has totally changed my perspective of getting the word “NO”. Most people think that getting “Nos” means that they are in the wrong way and have to go back. However, this book taught me that getting “No” is not something to avoid at the all cost but success is straight ahead.


What’s that mean?


Let’s say if you talk to 100 people just to get “NO”, do you think some will say “YES” to you? Yes of course! Book shared about the story of life insurance company.


The company’s sales was tanked and profitability is low as average sales volume is 2 sales per month per sales person. So company hired the consultant where is the problem. After their consultation, consultant figured that sales people are not making enough call to their prospects. Life insurance company at first did not believe what consultant said but this consultant started to do experiment. Consultant asks each sales people to just go to any houses and when people come out from the house, only ask this one simple question:

You don’t need life insurance do you?


Guess what happened?


Yes, out of 60 prospects that each sales rep talk to, average 58 of them said “Get out” or “No thank you”. However, 2 out of 60 prospects said “Yes. We need life insurance. Come in and show me what you got”. It seems that 2 out 60 people are not really good odds. However, their finding shows that sale person can talk 60 people a day during their work hour.


This immediately went up the sales from 2 sales per month per sales person to 2 sales per DAY per sales person, even if wording is one of the worst words imaginable. What is the moral of the story?


Book said sales success is like gold mining. We are not in the mountain to look for the gold but we are removing the darts to find the gold. The more we go through the darts, the more probability that we can find the gold. It’s same in success. The person who collects most “NOs” will eventually find the most golden “YESs”.


Do you want to have success in sales or your business? Instead of afraid of getting rejected, we should welcome them. The more we receive the rejections, the closer we are to create success.



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