How Right Mentality Creates Momentum in Business

How Right Mentality Creates Momentum in Business

On Tuesday, I was in sunny San Diego for business training at my office.  In this time, we invited successful realtor who made over $20 million in real estate transaction last year (She is our business too).  She was sharing how she thinks toward success and how she becomes successful in her process.  One of the points that she made caught my attention.  She said:


“Mentality controls activities
Activity controls results
Result controls emotions”


She focus on building right mentality for herself as well as when she is building her team.  With right mentality, her team will take more actions (Activities).


The more actions you take, the more probability of you getting better results (Do you remember law of large numbers and law of average always work?  This is law of nature…).


Finally, if you receive great results by taking more actions, those results make you fantastic emotionally.  Whereby, you and your team members will create more activities because they are in momentum.


It seems to be simple right?  However, most are doing exact opposite.  Instead of creating success cycle by following that advise, most people are creating downward cycle by not taking enough actions,  This will create very few results or no result.  This will create worst feeling.  If you are in that cycle, you won’t create any sizable success no matter what you do.


So what we can do?

If you read her statement, everything starts from our mentality.  We need to work on and improve our mentality that allow us to build good habit of taking actions.  So, focus on working on our mindset / mentality.  As long as perfects this part, everything will fall into place…



Here you go.  I hope you got tip out of this blog.  If you want to get my detailed notebook, 9 Lessons to Become Successful Home Business Entrepreneur, you can just download  by filling your first name and email address.


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