There are so many ways to prospect cold market prospects but my favorite way to prospect is to go to networking event as I can get many contacts in one location for short period of time.


While many people also do the same and get the business card from cold market prospects, have you had experiences where you follow up on them but there is no response from them? Worse, have you had experiences where you feel too awkward to follow up because you got their contact without talking anything at all? In this blog, I would like to share my strategies of not only getting their contact but also set up the appointment with prospect at the same time.


Some trainers like to go to massive numbers (talk a bit, get the phone number and follow up on the next day). However, this is not my strategy. Here is what I do.


Step 1: Talking to prospect

Step 2: Finding hot button

Step 3: Creating rapport

Step 4: Set up for appointment


My goal for networking event is to have quality prospects not just a number. Many are getting lots of contacts during networking events. However, contact without relationship or rapport is just a number. Even if you have hundreds of contacts, if no one picks up the phone or you are not comfortable calling because you don’t feel like you have relationship with them, then it is no point going to the networking event. What I always do is to talk to the prospects at least 5 – 10 minutes and get their hot button and create some rapport so that when I follow up on them, they will remember exactly who I am.


While creating some rapport and relationship, I asked questions (FORM) and find their hot button or something in common at the same time. If you follow this step, it should be very easy and smooth to transition to setting up the appointment. Because prospects feel like they already know you, only thing you need to say to them is


Let’s meet for coffee next time as I want to get to know what you do more


You will be surprised many of people will say yes to this. Before talking to them, they are cold market prospects but you will turn them into semi-warm by simply taking 5- 10 minutes extra time. At this point, you can either call them next day to confirm the appointment or simply email them.


Here you go. Some trainer said go to massive numbers when it comes to cold market but not me… I am taking few minutes extra time to achieve maximum results on prospecting in networking events.



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