Simple Truth About Not Creating Success In Home Business

Simple Truth About Not Creating Success In Home Business

Do you want to know the simple truth why most people won’t create success in home business? This is very simple reason yet many are falling into this.  Here is how story starts…


We just finished our company event. In this time, guest speaker was very famous Grant Cardone. He was talking in front of 30,000 entrepreneurs about his experiences.  It was certainly very inspirational and motivational. After the company event, I saw his YouTube channel featuring our company event and how he spoke to the audiences.  With hundred of thousands of views, I saw many comments, some positive and others are negative.  One of the comments caught my attention…


This person was very cynical. He commented something like, this company is brainwashing people with huge opportunity but in the end, only top makes huge money and most won’t make anything.  Have you ever heard something like this kind of comments?  I am sure many heard this.  But, do you know why most people won’t make money?  This is because


They don’t put the work…  Period…


If you want to make million dollars or multiple millions of dollars and become financial independence, do you think you need to put massive amount of work in order to make that kind of money? Most people want to get the prize but never want to pay the price. For those few percentage that make millions of millions of dollars, do you know how hard they worked in order to go up to that level?  We are only seeing their limelight of success. However, there are many years of struggle, failures and disappointments.  We don’t see any of those.



What I like about home business is everyone has equal chance since platform is available for everybody. However, how they use this platform is totally up to them. 90% of people never put serious work into the platform. Therefore, they will never harness the success and make serious money.


At the same time, you can change this at any time.  You start to put the work into the business. Although it might take some time (Anything worthwhile in life take time), you will eventually get same results as they are on the stage because business platform will equip you the same things as those top earners have.



Is only top making millions in home business? Yes it is simply because they put massive effort building their business over time.  Just like any other business, most people don’t want to pay the price, they won’t get what they deserve. Can we do the same as those top 5%? Totally! yes we can. First thing you need to do is to stop hearing from those cynical and negative people about their opinion.  Instead, put your massive effort into your home business.




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