Why Struggles Are Exactly What You Need For Your Success

Why Struggles Are Exactly What You Need For Your Success

Are you struggling with your entrepreneurial journey?  Do you want me to say something mind-bugling?


This is actually good for you…  Here is why…


I was in business training in my office yesterday.  We invited CEO to the office training to share his view about success in business and life.


As soon as he started to teach us, he mentioned very meaningful.  He said,


“I hope you come here not to do but you are here to be”


I saw many people puzzled when he said that.  Then, he explains,


“All things that you want in life, anything worthwhile, you need to pay the price.  You are not here to just do the business but you are here to become the type of person that achieve to have all things that you want in life” 


Still confused?  Let me elaborate what I got from this teaching…


As an entrepreneur, there is up and down in the business.  We will face not only happy time but also will face countless tough times (Much more than happy times)…  During the tough time, most people will feel (or even say) why those tough times always happen to them.  Most people quit endeavor to become financial independence because they cannot go through this tough time…


In reality…


That’s exactly what we NEED…  


Somebody probably blow your mind saying why someone is willing to dive into these tough situations?  It’s much better if you can become successful with ease.


You need those numerous tough times in order for you to grow.  Ed Mylett, success coach said


“These (Obstacles and tough times) are not happening to you this is happening FOR you”


Also, my main mentor also said this


“Old You” can make old money.  Only “New You” can make NEW money” 


Although all of those successful people said differently, intention of the statements is the same.


Just like cocoon it becomes a butterfly by grinding itself to open its cocoon.  Once it open its cocoon then now it transformed to the butterfly with beautiful wing and be able to fly itself.  What happened if someone open its cocoon for its behalf? Even if butterfly can get out, it will never be able to fly and drag itself in the ground for rest of its short life.  Grinding process of opening its cocoon is necessary in order to become beautiful butterfly.


This is same as us human being.  Those obstacles and challenges will shape your unshakable character, virtue and confidence necessary to attract any success that you want to have.  But, you need to go through the process of paying price and grind yourself in order to become the type of person that create massive success just like butterfly.


Are you focusing on doing and getting?  Or are you focusing on being the type of person that create success?  If you can focus latter, you will inevitably create success and attain the things that you ever dreamed of.



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