Success Mindset: Most Critical Component for Success

Success Mindset: Most Critical Component for Success

Whenever I network with people in any investing related meeting, some people ask the questions like:

– What kind of investment is good right now?

– How do you invest in …?

– Is this business good?

– Does …’s class teach me how to do …?


As soon as I hear this kind of question, I usually respond with something like this at most of the time:



“Before doing anything else, you should start from personal development.”



Many will be turned off from my answer and go to other people to seek the answer they think it requires for them to succeed (How to).


Irony is that I won’t ever see most of those who asked above kind of question and turned off my answer after several months. In fact, those people almost always disappear and I never see them ever again.




This is because those people don’t understand what’s take to become successful…



I always remember what many successful people said to me when I first started. This is:



Success is 95% mental and 5% how to…



Believe me. This is true…



Fact of the matter is…



There is always method and “How to” in any successful endeavor we seek whether or not real estate investing, internet marketing or traditional brick-motor-business.   In fact, you can find unlimited amount of information just by checking search engine.   However, if “How-to” information is the answer, then why most people are not millionaire, but also most are indeed broke?



Here is the answer,



Even if there is enough information about “How-to”, it is no way to execute all of the steps without solid mindset toward success…



To the road of success, people will have to go through many bumpy roads (I mean MANY…). If individual does not have success mindset cultivated through personal development, I am almost 100 percent certain that:



They will eventually quit on the way…



That’s the reason why most of them are not coming back after few months…



However, if you heavily expose to the personal development and master it, you are way ahead of majority of would-be investors who only seek “how to” even if you don’t have proper knowledge of investing or anything you seek to do.



Wherever your start line is, I can guarantee that you will make progress much faster than the would-be investors who only seek technical knowledge.



During my wealth building journey, I have seen many successful investors and business owners and all of them have outstanding knowledge of the particular field they are in. However, all of those people also have one thing in common:



All of them have solid success principal and philosophy.



Without successful mindset, it is no way to master the knowledge and go up to the top.



Learn personal development before investing time for learning so called “How to”. Believe me you won’t regret.

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