What is the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people? I have been in the financial freedom journey for almost 10 years. I’ve seen handful of successful people (Some are mega-successful) and so many of unsuccessful people. I realize that those who successful possess similar traits that unsuccessful people don’t have.


Successful people vs. unsuccessful people, successful people massively invest in themselves. Whereas unsuccessful people rarely invest themselves…


I have never seen any successful people who don’t invest themselves. And, they will never stop learning when they reach their goal. On the other hands, unsuccessful people are exact opposite.


Here is how successful people operate. My partner went to Grant Cardone’s 10X conference in Las Vegas. They said many of those attendees were already owning multi-million dollar businesses. If regular people hear this, they wonder why they still go to this kind of seminar even if they are already making multi-million dollars. However, successful people operate totally different level. They never sanctified with where they are right now and they always seek out more education.


On the other hands, I know some of associates in my company even hesitate to go to the meeting (or choose not to go to the training) because they need to spend the money to hire the nanny to take care of their kids.


Other than above, I sometimes hear from people (Who are not doing well…)


I have read lots of books and audio that I already listened and I am still not successful. Why I need to go to training / convention?


Is your training going to tell me everything about what I need to know to do the business? or Do I need to attend more of your training?


I can find the same information online and youtube. Why I have to go to your training?”


Let me be blunt. Those people will never be successful in business or achieving financial freedom. I highly recommend those people to go back to the job as quickly as possible because they will NEVER make it with this attitude…


I can tell you out of my experiences that successful people are not at all different from those who are unsuccessful. Only difference is the attitude of investment into themselves and for their business. Those who created mega-success in business are obsessed with investing their money into themselves. This slight difference in mindset will create vast result gap between successful people and unsuccessful people…



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