This is part 2 series of successful people vs. unsuccessful people. Over the decade, I have seen so many wanna-be investors and business owners who aspired to achieve financial independence mainly because they read the books like Rich Dad Poor Dad.


However, I have seen countless numbers of people lost their ambition and went back to the original place (which also called job). Here is the another difference between successful and unsuccessful people. That is…


Successful people make decision quick and stay for a long haul. Whereas unsuccessful people take so long to make decision and quit very quickly.


This is generally very true statement. In my business, we are looking for business partners and we have business overview for potential business partners that want to do business with us. In the overview,  I can always spot people that can most likely make it to the business and other people that probably won’t make it to the business. One of the quality for those who ARE NOT GOING TO make it to the business is generally not sure about themselves and take so long to make decision (This might be because they don’t have a confidence in making decision, even small decision, thinking timing is not right etc). Once they are in the business (After months of consideration), they quit their endeavor as soon as they face challenge.


On the other hands, once successful people see the potential in the business, they make quick decision and look into the business right away because they fully understand that traffic lights will never turn green at the same time. In other words, they understand there will never be the right timing. They will create the timing themselves. Beside, they fully understand that they won’t be able to tell big picture of opportunity until they become insider.


Then, successful people tend to stick to the business for long haul despite of many challenges that they also face just like unsuccessful people face (or much more because successful people take much more actions than unsuccessful does). They will stick to one path because they fully understand that anything worthwhile DOES take effort. Most importantly, successful people know that any great opportunity will take time to leap the massive benefits.



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