This is the part 3 series of successful people vs. unsuccessful people. Here is another difference between successful people and unsuccessful people that I have observed for over the decade. That is…


Successful people are very consistent and persistent. Whereas, unsuccessful are not.


Achieving anything worthwhile in life require tenacity and successful people know that. So they are very consistent and persistent. Whereas, majority of people stop being consistent and persistent and wondering why they don’t get result and eventually quit.


Success is actually very simple as long as we stick to the process for the long haul. In my business, I always share how I create my success in business. Here is the three simple steps I personally did for past 5 years to get to where I am today. Don’t get me wrong. I am nowhere near from where I want to be but I at least achieve where I am now.  That is…


  1. Consistently attend the regular business training (Which our office provide so it’s free)
  2. Consistently attend company sponsored business events (seminars, conferences, it’s fraction of the cost compared to other events)
  3. Consistently attend company sponsored training required qualification to attend (Bit more difficult than other 2 but it is actually pretty easy)


Let me ask you simple question. Does those three require certification, PhD degree, or high status to be able to do it?  Answer is obviously No…  Do you know how much percentage of people stick to this for a long haul?


Very few percentage, maybe less than 5%…


Those very people who did not work consistently complain this business does not work… This business is no good. In reality, business is working but they did not work PERIOD…


On the other hands, successful people fully understand anything worthwhile takes consistency and persistence. So, they will razor focus as well as being very consistent. They usually have daily routine that they always do it every single day. In my business, all successful people that I ever encountered and met do those three simple steps consistently for long period of time until they become master in our business.


All successful people that I know stick to one thing consistently and persistently till they create success. On the other hands, every unsuccessful people that I met and coached are NEVER consistent. This is 10 year of my experiences and every single one of those unsuccessful show this trait unfortunately…


Do you want to create legacy to your family or build successful business? First, ask yourself if you are consistent and persistent.



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