This is part 4 of successful people vs. unsuccessful people. This is one of the difference that I observed between successful people and unsuccessful people and embarrassingly enough, I was also part of unsuccessful one for a long time…  That is,


Successful people focus on one thing and stick to the long haul whereas unsuccessful jump to many different things by thinking that other things are easier.


All successful people know that any worthwhile endeavors take time and effort so they stick to one thing until they create success in that field. Whereas, unsuccessful people don’t know that fact so they think one thing is easier than the other and try many different things hoping that whatever he or she tries to do is easier than other things.  Here is the example (myself…).


Back in 2008, I started to go to real estate meeting and decided to do the real estate investing. I was exposed to many different opportunities (Like small business, stock market investing, network marketing opportunities, being realtor or insurance agent). Do you know how I decided to do the real estate investing?


I THOUGHT real estate investing is easier than other opportunities presented to me…


I was thinking like “real estate investing sounds sexy and most importantly very cool that I can say I am real estate investor!”. I looked at other opportunities and thinking like “oh selling something is not cool.  I need to talk to people which seems much harder than real estate investing. In real estate investing, only thing I need to do is buy low and rent it out and AUTOMATICALLY rent coming in!”


That’s how I entered real estate investing. Do you know how the result went?


It went nowhere…


I was frustrated… I made decision that real estate is very difficult. Let’s look for other things that EASIER than real estate investing. So, I saw someone advertising about internet marketing / affiliate marketing.


After I saw the advertisement from Facebook, I thought “wow, it seems cool. Only thing I need to do is to create website and traffic will AUTOMATICALLY flow into my website and I will get the adverting revenue. That’s the way to go!”. So I tried to learn about affiliate marketing / internet marketing. Do you know how the result went?


It went nowhere either…


So, I quit on internet marketing and started to look for another opportunities that EASIER than things that I tried. After 5 years of starting financial freedom journey, do you think I got result?




That’s the time when I started to hang out and associate with successful people and pick their brain. And after a while, I realized…


Anything worthwhile is not easy. There is no easy path to success. There is no exception.


That’s the time when I started to do my current business with my partner and stick to only one business. Result?


I have created more success than ever tried for these past 5 years…


When I found out about anything worthwhile is not easy and I need to stick to one thing, that’s the time when I found result…


This is not only my experiences. I have never seen any people who created sizable success try to do multiple different things at the same time… They are always sticking to one till they create success.



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