This is part 5 of successful people vs. unsuccessful people. I have been in the wealth building journey for decade now and this difference always applies. Here it is…


Unsuccessful people always look for something outside of themselves for success. Whereas, successful people fully understand all success will come from within themselves.


Again, I have seen thousand of people come and go, while I am on my journey to financial independence. Almost always, I saw this trait to most of unsuccessful people. They are always looking something outside of themselves for success…


What’s that mean?


Have you ever heard people said?


  • If I can buy this marketing system, then my business is going to be great!
  • If I take this business seminar, I will learn everything about my business and I will create success!
  • If I invest into real estate, my life will be a lot easier
  • If I can get this person (Well connected, high caviler etc) into my business, my business will be great


Or have you thought about this to yourself? (I certainly thought about this before…)


Many (Including myself before) tend to think (or want to believe) that this one seminar, tool or person will allow them to do the thing that previously unable to do… However, it is totally further from the truth… In fact,


As long as you have this thinking, you will never create sizable success in whatever you do…


I have seen thousands of people buy or depend on one thing believing this magic pill will completely solve their problem. But, it did nothing for them and in the end, they quit their dream… I have seen thousands of those…


On the other hands, successful people fully understand that success is within themselves. They know that they need to change and improve themselves in order to get them to the next level (not tools).


Don’t get me wrong. Those marketing tools and seminars will certainly help for certain people that possess proper mindset. However, most people buy these marketing system, tools or seminar with wrong mindset…


T. Harv Eker, the author of “Secret of Millionaire Mind”, nails down this point. He describes success is like tree. Any tree has root. Most people try to grow the success tree and most of them don’t like the taste of the fruits from that tree, saying “its not taste good”. However, just think about where this bad taste fruits come from? It’s from its root.


Just think about this fruit is the result in life and most people don’t like that result. However, where is this result come from? This comes from your root; yourself…


T. Harv Eker says “Your outside world is the mere reflection of your inside world. Unless your inside world change, your outside world won’t change…”


And, I will tell you… All the successful people that ever come across fully understand this fact…


You don’t like your result in life? Never look at something outside of yourself. Look to improve yourself and naturally, result that you want will show up…



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