This is the part 6 of difference between successful people vs. unsuccessful people. All of 5 previously discussed are all true as I have seen thousands of wanna-be investors / entrepreneurs coming and going. Here is another trait that I observed. This trait is massive and it is very important for you to notice and understand why this makes big difference in the outcome.  Here it is.


Successful people tend to be more proactive. Whereas, unsuccessful people tend to be more reactive…


In the business, it is very important to work together as team. Especially, when it comes to certain business model, there are lot of support from the team and mentors. However, this does not mean that individual can always depend on this all the time…


I’ve seen lots of people in the business that fully depend on the support of the team or so called “upline” without proactively getting involved in their business.


Even if you may receive lots of support, in the end, it is your business… Time and time again, I always observed that the individual who is very proactive in his or her business is almost always performing better than those who are not. Here is what unsuccessful individuals usually do.


  • Individual always asks mentors or team what should they do even if this person already explained so many times about this
  • When there is obstacle, individual always depend on the team / support without trying themselves first
  • Individual always calls his or her mentor without calling the company support line by themselves
  • Individual is waiting to be told what to do by mentor / upline


Here is what successful people do…


  • If there is any problems, individual proactively contacts to solve the issue on their own and report back the result
  • Individual acts proactively (Like setting up the appointment, make arrangement for presentation etc)


In other words, successful people are proactive. They tend to seek the answer on their own. Sometimes, even if they have never heard from mentors, they will still seek the own answer.


Please don’t get me wrong. This does not mean new people should not seek mentorship. Rather, this is more like your ownership mindset. The more ownership you have in your own business by taking charge of your business (as well as outcome of the business), the faster you will get the result.


People who struggle the most tend to be the person who is reactive to their business and outcome.


Do you want to build your business to the next level? Take in charge of your own business by becoming more proactive rather than reactive…



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