Sure Fire Way To Fail In Home Business

Sure Fire Way To Fail In Home Business

Do you want to know sure fire way to fail in your home business? I was listening Ray Higdon’s podcast today and I figured this is really good topic to share what he teaches inside of the podcast. Please don’t get me wrong. We can learn this so that we won’t be in this pitfall because this is very common among home business entrepreneurs.


He shared that sure fire way to fail in home business is just not showing up.  What’s mean by that?  In home business, there are company event or convention and company or even team contest.  Those events will help home business entrepreneurs to go to the next level.  However, many people don’t even go to the convention or don’t even participate the contest because they don’t think those matter…  In most cases, those who don’t participate think “Why bother doing this as I don’t have team anyway or why bother participating the contest because I know I will lose so no point doing that…”  Those people who don’t show up will surely fail in their endeavor…


On the other hands, those who create success are always showing up even if they have same obstacles / issues as those who don’t show up. In spite of their current circumstances, those who create massive success in home business always show up to the convention or contest UNTIL they create massive success.


I personally resonate with Ray Higdon’s teaching because I know so many people don’t show up to the world that they supposed to because they face obstacles or issues like no team, no results etc and they feel discouraged. Most people that never show up because of lost hope almost always quit the business.  On the other hands, I also know some people create great success in home business. I know some of them when they started out with same issues as everyone else. But, those are always showing up to the business with 110%.  Even if everyone in their team quit the business and they are only by themselves, they still show up to the business.


If you are not showing up the way supposed to, then it will be rough road ahead of you. On the other hands, if you are the person who show up to the business in spite of current circumstances then you have chances to create massive success in home business.  By keeping showing up, you will make your goal and dream into the reality.



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