Team Building Tip: How To Build The Thriving Community

Team Building Tip: How To Build The Thriving Community

When it comes to building successful home business, building solid team is most important. How to create the solid team? We need to build thriving community where team members want to stick into the community. However, I have seen some teams just die out or other struggle even maintains the community. Here is the few things that many leaders make mistake when it comes to building community.


First of all, we need to discuss why building community is very important. At least me, I am not in my business for transactional sales but I am in passive / residual income that last generations. If I am only focusing on transactional income then, I am in car sales or realtor whose commission is much higher than most of home business. If you want to have passive / residual income in the home business, you need to build the team…


In order to build solid team, you need to create the environment that beneficial for them to be in, whether they are in the business or they are in the customer…


I see two things that keep many people from building thriving community…


1) Does your community or environment chastise for those who are not doing what expected of them

This is by far the biggest killer in building great community. Here is what most leaders make mistake. They think that ALL of people who join them want to create multi-million dollar business and this just isn’t the case…  In fact, most people are comfortable being a customer and some people want to create some extra income. What most people do is to include all of them as millionaire in training and push them to do the things that they even don’t want to do. As a result…


They leave because they don’t feel good…


If you can keep them around in your community long enough, then at least, there is the possibility for them to change themselves. But, if your community chastise people who are not fit in that millionaire category, then you can’t even see the possibility of them changing…


2) Are you the one who is worthy for them to follow as a leader?

In any thriving churches, there is almost always charismatic pester leading and bonding that church community. Having thriving community in home business is almost exactly the same. Are you charismatic leader that your people follow? You are, as a leader, the one who creates the community that is beneficial for your team members to be in. Personally, I like home business because it is great personal development program. Whatever result that I currently have now is total reflection of myself. So, if team left for whatever the reasons, then, I need to recognize that and need to get better as leader that worthy for them to follow…



Solid leaders and mentors that I respect have both of the qualities in their team. I hope you got great value out of this blog post. If you want to learn how to attract quality leads by using Meetup, you might want to get my brand new free video study course called “How To Leverage Meetup To Build Your Home Business”. You will learn exactly how I use Meetup to get, attract and grow list of prospects. You can just click on the right hand side of banner, enter the information to claim this totally free video study course.


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