Have you ever frustrated the situation where you are recruiting decent numbers of people into your organization but no one stays. Especially, you feel frustrated when you have more recruiting numbers than others but those people always bring their team members to the meeting, while you are the only person attending the meeting? I know this is very frustrating and many of team members ask me this question “How to attract right people?”. Many successful entrepreneurs will say the same thing here. This is not about the technique most of the time but who you are will attract the right kind of people. Let’s dive in what I mean by that.


I am sure you have heard people will be attracted to you who you are not who you want. This is totally true in terms of attracting right candidates to your organization. Techniques can do so much. I already mentioned this in past blogs but worth mentioning again.


People don’t join your company. People join you…


You need to become the person that is worth following. They join you because they believe that you can make them successful if they associate with you. Therefore, if they don’t believe that they can be successful as a result of associating with you then all the techniques of the world won’t make them join you. Even if small percentage of people might join you because of outside factors (Like company track records, products rating etc), they will eventually catch up with your quality and worse, they may leave you (It happened FOR me before… It certainly did not make me feel good during that moment but I appreciate this experience now because this experience has made me better leader, better entrepreneur and most importantly better human-being. Well, this topic is for another time…).


So what should we prepare in order to attract the right person into your team? There is no exact instant formula that make you become that kind of person. However, at least I can share traits of successful individuals that attract high caliber people.  Here it is.


Trait 1: They treat their business dead serious

All of successful people that attract great people take their business very serious. They treat business like real business. It seems common sense but it is not common for many people. Many people in home business do not take their business seriously. We can easily observe this by them not attending the meeting, making excuses why they cannot come to the training or cannot do thing. If you don’t even take your business seriously, how on earth you can attract right people into your team? It is absolutely impossible. If successful business individual never make excuses because they are professional. Because they have this kind of mindset, all the people that they contact will be attracted to his or her conviction toward business.


Trait 2: They are leading by example

All successful people that attract great people are almost always leading by example. They devote to the activities that they wish their team is doing because they believe that they cannot lead their team if they cannot even lead themselves. In practical side, if your prospects (or even team members) see that you are making it happen then they will start to see the value that associating with you lead to their success. Don’t expect that someone will follow you forever if you are not making it happen for yourself…


Trait 3: They carry themselves as confident and successful person

All those people who attract great individual certain ways of carrying themselves. Here is the partial list.


  • They don’t have any addictions to the outcome (No up and down)
  • They have abundance mentality
  • They don’t feel offended if thing did not go their way
  • They know what they have without outside acceptance and approval (They have total posture)


Those people are called “Alpha leaders”. They know their self-worth and what they can offer to the world (Not in a negative way). Those people are very magnetic. They attract people like strong magnet. One of the books that I highly recommend to read is the book called “Magnetic Sponsoring” by Mike Dillard. This book well describes who exactly is alpha leader and why they attract quality and caliber individuals like magnet.


Those lists are the successful people who attract great people like magnet possesses. If you feel you have nobody doing business with you in spite of your large recruiting numbers, then it’s the time for you to reflect yourself if you are the type of the person that can attract and lead those individual rather than blaming outside factors. In many instances, it is not about their problem but ours…



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