In home business, you will bring many people into your business hoping that some will build the empire with you. Yet, no matter how much time and effort you put in, your new team members don’t even move or worse, quit the business and you feel so disappointed? You are not alone. Don’t get me wrong. It is important to bring new people into the business. It is no question. However, at the same time, we need to be able to identify who is the right person to build the business with.


Yesterday, I learned from successful business builder about how to identify the right person. He’s been in the business for 10+ years and he has thriving business. These 5 qualities are the best determinant of who you should focus on.


Here is the 5 qualities that most people possess in order to succeed in his business.

  1. Integrity
  2. Desire
  3. Commitment
  4. Market
  5. People skill


Quality 1: Integrity

Do they possess integrity? If they promise that they will show up to the training or appointment, are they going to show up on time? Or they easily ditch the appointment / training? This is extremely important. If this person does not have the quality of keeping their word, we will have tough time building the business together.


Quality 2: Desire

Does your people have desire to build the business? Do they have whatever it takes mentality? Most importantly, are they willing to pay the price in order to get what they want? I have seen so many people that want to achieve financial independence. Yet, they have so many excuses that they are not willing to do whatever we advise and mentor them to do. This is exact reason why most people are not successful. They want it but don’t want it in deep inside of themselves…


Quality 3: Commitment

Commitment is one of the most important when it comes to build successful business.  We can easily identify this part. You just ask if your new team member will go to the next company event. If they are not willing to go, then this person is not really committed and huge indication that you should focus on somebody else…


Quality 4: Market

This is actually revelation to me. I recently realized the fact that people are committed does not mean they are the right candidate to build. I used to focus on the people who are committed even with no market or bad market (Whether they are too young so they don’t know lot of people or not young but they are not trusted by very many people). I fully notice that it is much easier for us to work with and build people who have huge network (Great market) and trusted by many people.


On the other hands, sometimes, it is even hard for those who have no market or bad market to invite people to the event or set up the appointment.


Quality 5: People Skill

This is also revelation to me recently and totally agree with what trainer said. He asked all the audiences how we can tell if your new team member has good people skill. He said in one sentence, “can they invite people to the meeting?” Some people with great people skill do not even need the training. They can simply talk and invite people very smoothly.


On the other hands, people who don’t possess people skill have uphill battle even invite people into the events. He asked, “Do you think which one is hard to build; the people just automatically go out to invite people or the people whom you always need to be prospecting and assisting to talking with them?“.  We all need to understand that it will take sometime to learn people skill but you need to be able to identify who have better communication skill than others.


Those are the 5 essential qualities that trainer focuses when it comes to identify the right candidate to build. When you are starting out, this may not necessarily be matter since you don’t have much choice to choose the candidates. You need to do everything. However, once you start to have decent size team, how you allocate your time becomes very crucial as we all have only 24 hours a day and time is very expensive. If you focus on the wrong candidate, then your business will suffer. Identifying right people to build is critical in order to build great organization.



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