The 4 Corner Stones In Building Successful Business

The 4 Corner Stones In Building Successful Business

Yesterday, I had privilege to get trained by CEO in our company.  He shared with us the 4 corner stones in building successful business. In this blog, I will share what is the 4 corner stones to create big success in business.


Before going into the detail, this person was used to be one of the most successful real estate brokers in entire San Gabriel Valley (Southern California) making millions of dollars in real estate back in 1980.  He started to his current business (business that I am in. Out of respect to the audiences, I am not going to mention which field) back in 20 years ago and also made millions of dollars in the business.  So he knows what he is talking about..  Let’s jump right in…


In order to create big success in any businesses, we need to have 4 corner stones, he mentioned.  Those are mindset, crusade, knowledge and system…


1st Corner Stone: Mindset

First thing we need in order to create any lasting success in business is having proper mindset. He started to ask audiences,


What is the difference between person who makes $10,000 a year in business vs. the person who makes $100,000 a year in business?


There were various answers. Some said skills, others said knowledge.  Then, he shared that’s mindset.  Only difference between $100,000 income a year vs. $10,000 a year income is how we think.  Do you have business owner mindset?  Do you have millionaire mindset?  Then, he mentioned,


You will never become the millionaire with minimum wage mindset


We need to work on building ourselves. By associating the successful people, you will be able to build solid mindset because those successful people can influence your thinking.


2nd Corner Stone: Crusade

We need to have crusade in what we do.  What is the crusade? Crusade is the belief and passion of what we do.  He mentioned our products will sell itself (This can be your products or services too). Your prospect does not buy in because you have lack of crusade.  Then, he continues…


People don’t care what you say. But, they care how you say it


This is so true…  People will make the decision by buying your belief not the word you say.  In communication, only 7% is content (meaning what you say) and rest of 93% is non-verbal language (Gesture, how you say, tone of the voice etc). I experienced over and over again that we are servicing same product but some can sell the very same product like hotcake but others are never able to sell to others doubting themselves “This is too hard to sell…“.   If you want to have more result in whatever you do in business, first, you need to believe the company, products and services and most importantly yourself.  Once you have those beliefs, your will be surprised how much easier promoting whatever you do…


3rd Corner Stone: Knowledge

Obviously, we need knowledge before becoming successful in business. However, he did not talk about technical aspect, such as product feature or services of the business.  He emphasized entirely on soft skills part.  In order for you to succeed in any businesses, you need to be able to talk. Specifically,


  • How to guide the prospects / clients
  • How to answer the objections
  • How to transition from one place to another (Talking to closing)
  • How to gauge prospects / clients interest level and converse accordingly
  • How to ask questions to prospects / clients to lead the conversation


Different from product knowledge, it is extremely hard or next to impossible to learn this kind of skill / experiences with only reading books. He emphasized fastest way to learn these soft skills are simply going to the field and do the actual thing.  It’s not product knowledge to make you successful in business, these kind of knowledge will make you a lot of money in business. In order for you to master it, you need to have massive amount of field experiences.


4th Corner Stone: System

Lastly, he mentioned about system. Mom and pop business is operating based on the owner’s personality. So every single time outcome will be different. In this kind of personality driven business, it’s hard to ensure to create sizable success in business.


If company has system like McDonald, then congratulations!  Only thing you need to do is to submit to the system. Then, system will work for you to create predictable outcomes.


He concluded that


You are here not to build team.  Your team is only stepping stone. You come here to create the dynasty.  If you master all 4 corner stones, you will create the dynasty in your business



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