The Most Costly 4 Letter Words For Business Success

The Most Costly 4 Letter Words For Business Success

Do you want to know what is the most costly 4 letter words when it comes to success in business?  Are you ready for this?  That is…




Is this familiar to you?


Often, I observed the situation when mega-successful people shared the tactics of how this person get to the level that he or she is in now.  Then, some people said

  • “oh yeah, I already know that”
  • “Oh, I have heard that already” 
  • “Yap, I know, I know”


Let me tell you something…


If you don’t have result, then you don’t know it…


It is not about thing that they think they know.  They only know what they currently have as a result.  They don’t know if they don’t have that result that they want to have.  They might listen many times before but if you don’t have results, then you don’t know it…


For example, I listen and learn from millionaire mentors how to create million dollar business.  I have some idea and action plans of what to do but I still don’t know yet because I have never created the result that my mentors have.


For me, I always remain student. Even if I currently have and run two offices as business owner, I always listen, learn and act like student (of life and business) so that I can absorb new ideas and even ideas that I heard before from different angles.  In my experiences in wealth building journey, people with mindset of student tend to be making money the most.  Whereas, the people with know-it-all kind of mindset are the most broke…


My advise to you is to always be a student.  All the knowledge and ideas are coming from different level.



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