Today’s blog is bit going into my personal story. But, this message may inspire some people who struggle recruiting people into your organization. I have seen hundreds of people who struggle about recruiting. Especially, new people think that recruiting is something that they are taking advantage of people or making money off them. Why do I know this? Because I was one of them before. However, now I am total believer about recruiting and that’s exactly what I shared in front of hundreds of aspired entrepreneurs at business building event in San Jose last weekend.  Here is what I shared.


The reason why I recruit goes back all the way until the time when I was working in Japanese company. For those who know about Japanese working culture, most of Japanese employees (called Salary man) just work so hard. This includes staying late, going out to drink with customers and bosses every single night. Literary, there is no time for most people to have family time. Luckily, I was working in US so there is no drinking with boss. Nonetheless, I had to work from 6:30am all the way till 10pm almost every single day including weekend. That was norm.


Due to extremely long hour of work, one day during weekend, my son looked at me and he literary didn’t recognize my face because he rarely saw me. At this moment, I looked back and started to think “What I am doing in the United States?”. That’s the moment that I made decision to change my life. Since then, I desperately looked for opportunity to get me out from the situation. Both my wife and I tried many things; however, we just stuck in the hole and could not get out.


During our darkest moment, friend of mine asked me if I open to look at opportunity that he is in. Although I was bit skeptical, I went to the opportunity meeting to hear what they have to say. Luckily, I was open mind enough to join the company. After I joined the company, one and half year was pretty much sheer hell; juggling 70 – 80 hours a week job and business in part time.


However, our business started to take off (Thanks to all of my partners’ help) and after one and half years since I started in this business, my income in the business exceeded my full time pay so I could manage to quit my job. Now, I have more quality time for my kids and family…


I sometimes felt chill what if my friend did not have guts to ask me to come to his business to take a look? Where I would be? Would I still stuck in the dead end job with extremely long hour?


Unselfishness act of my friend totally changed my life, but also helped my good buddies life. After I joined the business, I asked couple of good friends of mine into the business also. We’ve been friends for over 10 years.  In the beginning, all of them just joined just to take a look.


They started to see the mission of our business and they started to take it seriously. However, all of them were extremely shy type (One is software guy, the other one is engineer and last one is office job) and they were struggle getting their business going in the beginning. As you know, home business is all about teamwork and we worked hard and went through tough time together (We laugh when we celebrated, we cried together when we went through each tough time). Few years later, all of them became totally independent and most quit their current job because their income already exceeded their full time job income also… However, most importantly, they become totally different human being after going through this process…



After I saw so many examples where they changed for the better as if I am seeing cocoon transformed into the butterfly, now I am total believer in recruiting. I enjoyed seeing the process of people’s life change by going through the business. Just like Zig Ziglar said, “if we help enough people get what they want, we can have everything we want”, I know money will come if we help people transform their life…




For those who struggle think right about recruiting, I highly recommend you to get involved in the process of life change. This can be done by taking action. If you take action and see enough examples that people change their life for the better, you will become total believe in recruiting just like I did…



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