Three Commitments Crucial For Success In Business

Three Commitments Crucial For Success In Business

Would you like to know three commitments absolutely critical for your success in business?  I was in Sunny San Diego yesterday for business training.  One of speakers is the CEO in my company.  He was very successful real estate broker in Southern California making millions in his career and he is currently doing business with me and creating million in my business as well.  He shared three commitments crucial for success in business…


He started,


“In order to succeed in any businesses, we need to have three commitments.  If lacking any of three, you will never become successful”. 


First, we all need mentality commitment.  We need to have proper mentality in order to create success in business.  What do I mean by that?  Do you…


  • treat business like real business?
  • have whatever it take mentality to create success?
  • do the necessary things EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT?


We cannot make millions of dollars with minimum wage work ethics.  We need to commit to build solid business mentality…


Second, we all need physical commitment.  Business requires constant 24-7 attentions to the business.  If you are in business, you may need to…


  • travel to another states for company events
  • meet customers in weekend or even very late at night
  • take red eye flight to do business in other states or even countries
  • drive to another states for business (Even take 10+ hours)
  • do appointment even if you are very sick


In business, we cannot say “I am so tried so I won’t go to the meeting” or “I work in my job for a long hours today so I won’t meet my prospects”.  Successful entrepreneur will never say such a statement because they treat their business as million dollar business.


Third, we all need financial commitment.  In business, we need to invest in business and most importantly to ourselves so that we can provide even better value to the people.   In business, we may need to


  • buy office supplies for daily business operations
  • invest in numerous business training
  • spend travel expenses for business
  • rent office for business operation


Sometimes, people in my business complains,


“Do I need to pay for this seminar and hotel stay?  Then I don’t want to go because I don’t have money…”


Every time I hear this kind of statement, I almost laugh because those who say this will never make it to the business unless they need to do significant improvement in their mindset.  In business, we need to invest in business.  Only employees are paid for training, work supplies and so on.  Ask yourself which one making most money? Employee or Employer?  Employer makes all the money because they are the one investing in their business the most…


I personally learned a lot after learning three commitments from him.  I hope you also learn and train these mindsets to your people.  If every person that you have embrace these three commitments, your organization will grow exponentially…



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