Everyone on this planet has 24 hours a day and 168 hours a week, no more and no less. Although everyone has equal amount of time, have you ever wonder why selected individuals created absolute empire, while most people don’t create any success in their life? This sums up to two words “Time Management”. Wealthy and successful people are simply more efficient in time management than most of us. I am certainly learning time management from many of successful people. Here is what I observed the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people.


Difference 1: Successful people major in major thing while unsuccessful people major in minor thing

What’s the heck that mean? Okay, let’s use this analogy. This person has a choice to spend on books or donuts (or both) for one year. This person choose to read 1 book for his entire year and he choose to eat 500 donuts. And, he is wondering why his life is devastated. Do you think we can tell right away? He is spending too much time and money into donuts. What if he spend 500 books to read and only 1 donuts? He will be a lot wiser and more powerful since he picked up so much information from those 500 books…


This looks very obvious but most people choose the former choice. Here is another example (Little less obvious). Do you think it is wise decision?


One of the multi-millionaire mentors come down to your area to spend their time to teach their teams how this mentor built the business from the ground up. However, you said to your leader that you are unable to come because you need to help friend’s or family’s moving.


They spend most of their time into the minor things that do not count toward their overall success. These can be watching TV, magazine, playing video games, going to happy hours etc. Especially, most of people in the home business have full time job. Whether or not you will create the fortune or stay where you are is how you spend your time after your full time job is done. How do you spend you time? Are you watching TV? or Are you reading books or making phone call or meeting your prospects? This will be the major determinant of how you will create success as Robert Kiyosaki says “The difference between the rich and the poor is how they use their time.”


Successful people focus on major things that move toward their overall success. All of my mentor literary used their time mostly on building their business believing that they can provide more time to their family and love one after they create major success. One of my mentors had full time job before and she devoted her time making phone call during her lunch break and stay late to do the appointment after her work without going back home absolutely no time for watching TV, sleeping in the sofa etc. She did this for 3 – 4 years and became millionaire.


Difference 2: Successful people spend money to buy time, while unsuccessful people use their time to save money

Jim Rohn said “Time is more valuable than money.“. We can get more money but we can never get back time. One of my mentor said that you need to determine you are worth how much dollar per hour. Then you should outsource the thing that is lower than your hourly rate. Most successful people that I ever encounter are outsourcing most of the things that others can do for cheaper. Almost all of my mentors are relentless in saving time for their maximum productivity. Here is partial list of what most of my mentor do:


  • Ask hair dresser, chiropractor, car wash people to come to their house to do their job because they can do more important task
  • Use flight to the long distance event not driving the car
  • Have others cook the lunch and dinner
  • Have multiple secretaries to do all other office work, while he or she focuses on the bottom line


I am not saying that we all should overspend our money to get all of the things that successful people doing when we don’t have money but at least we should have this mindset and can start where we can. Because some people I know want to save little money, they spend their entire time to do the thing that never lead to the overall goal…


To end this topic, this is another quote from Jim Rohn regarding time management, “It is not thousands of things we need to do to create success. In order to create success, there is only few basic fundamentals that you need to focus. Once you need to determine the basics, you only focus on these few things”. Again, all successful people that I ever come access are absolutely ferocious in time management.  With mastering time management like them, we can also reach to the level that those successful people achieve.



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